Sugar House Spiced Rum
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Sugar House Spiced Rum

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Sugar House Spiced Rum is our rich and complex flavoured spiced rum, which is produced in Scotland from the very beginning and infused with our blend of fine whole spices.
The chosen ingredients in our spice blend are Madagascan Vanilla, Ceylon Cinnamon, Lime Zest and Cacao Beans which are allowed to infuse with our white rum for several weeks to contribute to the smooth and sweet flavour without the need for any added sugar.
Everything is done by hand and taste to make sure the product is of a consistent and high quality every time.
To enjoy the rum we suggest to drink over ice or as part of your favourite cocktail.
The white rum used for the spiced is a 100% pot still rum produced in Scotland. Using the pot still method to distil the rum allows us to produce a rich and flavourful rum that can be drank neat but in the case of the spiced it is used to infuse the flavours from our blend of spices and natural flavourings.