About us

Our company name, Spirit of Glasgow, has a double meaning to us. The first of which is the more obvious of being responsible producers of alcohol bringing premium & hand crafted products to the market and the second being community related as we believe that Glasgow is a city that thrives because of its community and we want to be able to give back to that community spirit. 

The company was originally founded on the idea and need for a new type of craft spirit based in Glasgow and after carrying out much rum-research we developed our new brand - Sugar House Rum - which we took inspiration for the name of our rum from the original producers of Scottish Rum over 300 years ago! 

In the near future we will be putting together and setting up our own distillery to produce our rum and develop even more exquisite products. We are very keen to work with local companies as it goes hand in hand with our community ethos and have already partnered up with a local craft soda company called FOAL soft drinks for the mixers we provided at our launch event.