Spirit of Glasgow

Spirit of Glasgow was founded on the idea to create and bring premium and hand crafted products to the market while also being involved with and giving back to the local community as we believe that is what makes Glasgow such a great city and the one we call home.

The first of our products we have launched are our Sugar House Rum. These were developed in Glasgow and took their name from the original rum producers of Scotland, the old sugar houses of 17th century. Just as what would have been used back in the original sugar houses, we use copper pot stills to create our white rum from fermented molasses which we then infuse with our own blend of spices to create our spiced rum. 

Both of our rums do not contain any added colouring, sweeteners or flavour essences. All the flavour and colouring they receive is from the natural source of whole spices and ingredients we use in our spice blend and we're actually quite proud of that.